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Dr. Rodena Preston


Dr. Rodena Preston was born in Houston, TX to Robbie and George Preston and was the eldest of four children. She always attended choir rehearsals with her mom, who was pianist for the Victory Baptist Church and the late Thurston G. Frazier was the director. Music was always in her home and she and her brother, Billy, were always in the middle of it.


Rodena became a church musician at Village Baptist Church in Los Angeles at the age of nine. She played there for three years and then at age twelve she became the pianist for First Missionary Baptist Church under the direction of the late professor R.L. Knowles.


She became acquainted with Rev. James Cleveland in the early 60’s, and when he organized the Gospel Music Workshop of America, Inc. he appointed her as the Mass Choir Coordinator and she still holds the position today. In 2004, GMWA launched its own recording company, WEIS, which is the motto of GMWA, “Where Everybody is Somebody.” She was appointed as president of the label. She currently is the Director of Operations, and the Vice Chair of the Performance and Recording Division. She received an honorary doctorate degree in 2004 from the Elbon Solutions School of Ministry. She was inducted into the Gospel Music Hall of Fame in Detroit, MI, in 2006. Even with all she has accomplished she simply states, “I’m Blessed.”

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