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Pictures from Gospel Songversation where panelists: Dr. Margaret Douroux, Rev. Calvin Rhone, Annette May Thomas, and Donald Weber guided us through the history of Gospel Music in Los Angeles. Hosted at the California African American Museum. There were over 300 in attendance and it coincided with the museum's exhibit, How Sweet the Sound: Gospel Music in Los Angeles.  The Heritage Music Foundation is happy to have played a small role in collaborating with CAAM.

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Because of COVID-19 our 35th Annual Conference is postponed to 2021, virtually. 


(323) 293-8189 for more information



OUR FOUNDER is Margaret Pleasant Douroux Ph.D.  The concept for the Gospel House was inspired by several spiritual, educational, musical, and philanthropic influences in her life that have helped to shape her career as an educator, school psychologist, composer, musician, church, and community leader.

Dr. Douroux, daughter of the late Rev. Earl A. Pleasant and Mrs. Olga Pleasant, was educated in the Los Angeles public school system. 


The Heritage Music Foundation is grateful for your support over the years.  Because of your financial contributions we have been able to accomplish all we have to preserve and nurture Gospel music through mentoring young people in the performing arts, conducting workshops, and hosting our national conference.  Please consider becoming a monthly supporter 



Around four hundred years ago secular music did not exist in the African tradition. African music was naturally sacred (Hymns & Psalms) and represented four areas in the Africans daily lives: 1) religious; 2) agricultural; 3) sexual and fertility; and 4) hunting and war.


A predominant style of music brought to America by slaves 

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